NSES System and HCI Emergency Centre

HitCorp International is outfitting a state of the art facility to handle calls on the  Nautilus-Satori Emergency System, a project spearheaded by senior HCI staff member Tatyana Thomas. The system itself is currently undergoing streamlining work, such as intelligent direct-call to local services if they’re available in select regions and back-end infrastructure for multi-agency ease of use, as well as continuing integration with various emergency response agencies.



The call centre, located at the HCI Sansara Branch Office in the East River Community, is currently planning only to take calls to emergency numbers in regions HCI provides primary or secondary services to, though in the future may provide a hub staffed by various organizations for calls from all over the super-continent, and perhaps in the future other continents such as Sansara itself, freeing up personnel and saving time.

If you ever find yourself in trouble near a NorPhone on Nautilus, Satori, Corsica, Gaeta V, Blake Sea or Second Norway, dialling any emergency number such as 911, 999, 110, 112 or 113 will connect you to NSES, and through NSES a multitude of agencies that can help.


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