One guard in serious condition after attack on HCI armored truck in Rochester.

A series of fires are suspected to have been the lead up to the brazen attempt on an HCI Armored Transport Service vehicle as it pulled into Rochester bank today. Two unknown assailants attacked the transport as it was unloading, seriously injuring the senior Security Solutions Division supervisor in the region. The individuals escaped after a shoot out with HCI Officers and local Police. These people are considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

One of the would-be robbers. Police believe one or both may have sustained injury.

Reports and footage indicates just after the ATS truck pulled up, the two suspects approached from across the road, around the bank and towards the truck. Before the camera operator could notice and warn the truck staff, one of the shooters opened fire on Senior Supervisor Tatyana Thomas, who had to later be airlifted to a trauma centre outside of the county due to the extent of her injuries and the local hospital being closed due to unrelated fire damage.

Security Officer Jessica MacDougal (left) in a fierce fire-fight with attackers.

RPD arrived on scene rapidly, due to a substantial number already involved in the investigation of several suspicious fires around the town, and the suspects fled after an intense fight on both fronts between HCI Personnel and Police Officers. The suspects are described as one potentially male, one female, both dressed in black with gas masks obscuring their faces.

Rochester Police Department Officers, arriving on the opposite side of the bank from HCI personnel.

Police say one or both of the shooters may have been wounded in the fray and urge any persons with information to come forward.


HCI ATS Representatives confirmed the cargo in transit during the attack was secured safely within the bank shortly after. Currently the bank parking lot, front entrance and truck are currently part of an active crime scene however the bank interior remains open to the public. Rochester Bank apologised for any inconvenience caused by patrons having to use the side entrance.

Scene of the incident.

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