HCI Crisis Response Team defuses bomb at hospital – New technician commended

RPD & HCI down the road from the hospital, at a makeshift command post.

A bizarre day in Rochester County was erupting when a mutilated corpse was found in the centre of town, in the quiet period just before the afternoon downtown rush. The coroner had just cleared the scene of the body when a bomb threat emerged over the radios of HCI and Emergency Services personnel around the county.

With nothing but an anonymous tip to go on, HCI began transporting an explosives detection dog from a nearby facility to sniff out the alleged device but by a stroke of luck, Rochester Emergency Services stumbled across a suspicious case in the hospital emergency entrance. With little time to spare, a bomb disposal expert and a newly hired technician familiar with the type of device the initial services encountered were rushed to the scene. Both the disposal expert and the technician were praised by HCI management and local authorities for their professional and decisive conduct in handling the threat.

Inside the TCD command van with HCI veteran Sean Hawksby (Left) and praised new technician Conrad Reyener (Right)

Fortunately the bomb may have simply been a distraction, perhaps by the killer of the body RPD found, and was programmed with an ample amount of time for the HCI Technicians to deactivate the detonator. The device was transported to the nearby bay for a controlled demolition. Authorities still aren’t sure of the purpose the the bomb threat, or if the incidents are linked.


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