HCI Crisis Response Marksman duels rogue sniper in downtown Rochester

CRT Marksman Oliver Masters just after the incident.

HCI personnel responded to a shots fired assistance call from Rochester Police Department last Friday afternoon and were met with ferocious fire from a sniper perched atop the crane of the apartment complex building site. Several RPD and HCI Security Officers were injured in the confrontation, some more seriously than others, before an HCI Crisis Response Team marksman began targeting the shooter.

After a tense battle, and under a hail of covering fire from Police and Security personnel, CRT Marksman Oliver “Burnout” Masters struck the suspect and the thunderous high-calibre rifle ceased to echo through the town’s streets prompting Phoenix Medical Response Paramedics who had been taking cover behind the HCI/PMR Office moved to tend the wounded. One RPD officer was in critical condition and remains in hospital at the time of this article, two HCI Security Officers sustained non-life-threatening injuries to the legs and feet.

HCI Security Officer taking cover behind a Lycheborne Industries semi.

The sniper was reported DOA once authorities got to him, and there is no known motivation for the attack. Rochester Police Department Chief Andrew Donato commended Oliver Masters for his role in the incident, as well as HCI commending the Security Officers who sustained injuries for their actions in attempting to ensure public safety.


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