NSES System and HCI Emergency Centre

HitCorp International is outfitting a state of the art facility to handle calls on the  Nautilus-Satori Emergency System, a project spearheaded by senior HCI staff member Tatyana Thomas. The system itself is currently undergoing streamlining work, such as intelligent direct-call to local services if they’re available in select regions and back-end infrastructure for multi-agency ease of use, as well as continuing integration with various emergency response agencies.



The call centre, located at the HCI Sansara Branch Office in the East River Community, is currently planning only to take calls to emergency numbers in regions HCI provides primary or secondary services to, though in the future may provide a hub staffed by various organizations for calls from all over the super-continent, and perhaps in the future other continents such as Sansara itself, freeing up personnel and saving time.

If you ever find yourself in trouble near a NorPhone on Nautilus, Satori, Corsica, Gaeta V, Blake Sea or Second Norway, dialling any emergency number such as 911, 999, 110, 112 or 113 will connect you to NSES, and through NSES a multitude of agencies that can help.

HCI Security Solutions Division gets first major badge restyle.

Though HitCorp International’s Security Solutions Division has used many variations of the classic shield badge for unarmed Officers and seven-point-star badge for armed Officers, these have all been direct linear updates to the original designs used by HCI SSD Personnel. Today marks the beginning of a phase-out of the shield & star, replacing them with a new design hoped to become just as iconic as the others, as well as halving costs and simplify operations across all jurisdictions.


Armed and unarmed personnel will still be distinguished by their shirts, however will now wear identical badges.

One guard in serious condition after attack on HCI armored truck in Rochester.

A series of fires are suspected to have been the lead up to the brazen attempt on an HCI Armored Transport Service vehicle as it pulled into Rochester bank today. Two unknown assailants attacked the transport as it was unloading, seriously injuring the senior Security Solutions Division supervisor in the region. The individuals escaped after a shoot out with HCI Officers and local Police. These people are considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

One of the would-be robbers. Police believe one or both may have sustained injury.

Reports and footage indicates just after the ATS truck pulled up, the two suspects approached from across the road, around the bank and towards the truck. Before the camera operator could notice and warn the truck staff, one of the shooters opened fire on Senior Supervisor Tatyana Thomas, who had to later be airlifted to a trauma centre outside of the county due to the extent of her injuries and the local hospital being closed due to unrelated fire damage.

Security Officer Jessica MacDougal (left) in a fierce fire-fight with attackers.

RPD arrived on scene rapidly, due to a substantial number already involved in the investigation of several suspicious fires around the town, and the suspects fled after an intense fight on both fronts between HCI Personnel and Police Officers. The suspects are described as one potentially male, one female, both dressed in black with gas masks obscuring their faces.

Rochester Police Department Officers, arriving on the opposite side of the bank from HCI personnel.

Police say one or both of the shooters may have been wounded in the fray and urge any persons with information to come forward.


HCI ATS Representatives confirmed the cargo in transit during the attack was secured safely within the bank shortly after. Currently the bank parking lot, front entrance and truck are currently part of an active crime scene however the bank interior remains open to the public. Rochester Bank apologised for any inconvenience caused by patrons having to use the side entrance.

Scene of the incident.

Covering Rochester’s Assets

With the opening of the most recent dedicated bank branch in the heart of Rochester, HCI Rochester Branch’s Armored Transport Services begin to roll through the town proper. Already they have stocked the first branch with it’s initial vault holding from other branches and businesses in the local area, and will be regularly servicing the businesses and new banks of Rochester with all their valuable transport needs.

Would-be robbers who would take advantage of the transit of cash from the scattered wall safes of citizens everywhere to a central vault be wary however, as the Phoenix’s wing of protection may well extend around the financial centres that house those very vaults.

If you or your business needs regular large cash transit, security services, or have any enquiries in relation to our other services, don’t hesitate to call HCI-5000 to contact your nearest branch office.

HCI Crisis Response Team defuses bomb at hospital – New technician commended

RPD & HCI down the road from the hospital, at a makeshift command post.

A bizarre day in Rochester County was erupting when a mutilated corpse was found in the centre of town, in the quiet period just before the afternoon downtown rush. The coroner had just cleared the scene of the body when a bomb threat emerged over the radios of HCI and Emergency Services personnel around the county.

With nothing but an anonymous tip to go on, HCI began transporting an explosives detection dog from a nearby facility to sniff out the alleged device but by a stroke of luck, Rochester Emergency Services stumbled across a suspicious case in the hospital emergency entrance. With little time to spare, a bomb disposal expert and a newly hired technician familiar with the type of device the initial services encountered were rushed to the scene. Both the disposal expert and the technician were praised by HCI management and local authorities for their professional and decisive conduct in handling the threat.

Inside the TCD command van with HCI veteran Sean Hawksby (Left) and praised new technician Conrad Reyener (Right)

Fortunately the bomb may have simply been a distraction, perhaps by the killer of the body RPD found, and was programmed with an ample amount of time for the HCI Technicians to deactivate the detonator. The device was transported to the nearby bay for a controlled demolition. Authorities still aren’t sure of the purpose the the bomb threat, or if the incidents are linked.

HCI Crisis Response Marksman duels rogue sniper in downtown Rochester

CRT Marksman Oliver Masters just after the incident.

HCI personnel responded to a shots fired assistance call from Rochester Police Department last Friday afternoon and were met with ferocious fire from a sniper perched atop the crane of the apartment complex building site. Several RPD and HCI Security Officers were injured in the confrontation, some more seriously than others, before an HCI Crisis Response Team marksman began targeting the shooter.

After a tense battle, and under a hail of covering fire from Police and Security personnel, CRT Marksman Oliver “Burnout” Masters struck the suspect and the thunderous high-calibre rifle ceased to echo through the town’s streets prompting Phoenix Medical Response Paramedics who had been taking cover behind the HCI/PMR Office moved to tend the wounded. One RPD officer was in critical condition and remains in hospital at the time of this article, two HCI Security Officers sustained non-life-threatening injuries to the legs and feet.

HCI Security Officer taking cover behind a Lycheborne Industries semi.

The sniper was reported DOA once authorities got to him, and there is no known motivation for the attack. Rochester Police Department Chief Andrew Donato commended Oliver Masters for his role in the incident, as well as HCI commending the Security Officers who sustained injuries for their actions in attempting to ensure public safety.